Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Wind Down: MoFo Edition | Week 1

This week was a doozy, I’ll tell you what. I was a little candid with you earlier this week about some frustrating events, but unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it. Stick with me while I whine because it will only last a moment. This week:
  • Our bathroom sink pipe burst. That ruined my hair dryer, flat iron and both curling irons.
  • Lots of ants have made their way into my bedroom and bathroom. The Great Ant Invasion happens once a year, every year, and always in late Summer. So glad they chose this week!
  • My garbage disposal just broke leaving me with a big fat mess after an entire day of cooking and photographing a million different foods. Seriously, I’ve been working for 8.5 hours.
So I’m cranky. However, this week did have some major highlights. For instance: 

On Labor Day I made a Chocolate Babka! I made babka once for the purpose of this blog, and my family became obsessed. It’s basically requested for every single get together:

I spent time with my favorite 3 year old. We ate crackers, watched cartoons, and took turns jumping on each other on the couch. She’s so cool!

I made some of this Jello Jel Dessert which was awesome! By far the best jello I’ve had.

I went to Vegan Drinks with my family to celebrate my mother’s birthday.

I bought my first pumpkin of the season! The first one is always extra special.

And I picked up this beautiful haul from my CSA. Lots more butternut squash for Mac and Cheese!

I also made some baller treats for the blog this week. No sneak peaks though!

Despite the annoying household stuff, this week has been pretty great. I’m looking forward to the next awesome week of MoFo-ing. See ya’ll then!

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  1. Total bummer about the household woes this week, but yay birthdays, and CSA's, 3 year olds, and pumpkins! I saw them out this afternoon at HEB and totally thought of you.

  2. Boo to all the bad but the good things sure look good and that cinnamon babka, I'll be making that as mofo is over there are a lot of sweet treats in my theme as it is 😉 What a great CSA box!

    1. I know what you mean! Like, I'm so over eating sugar already, and we're only 7 days in 🙂

  3. Ha, glad to know that all these things actually DO happen to other people, too! Looks as if you have recovered! I am a native Texan but live in Europe now and am "visiting" the Texas blogs. Somehow makes me feel "closer to home". Visit my blog if you'd like: