Jun 22, 2017

{Round-Up} 10 Vegan Summer Coffee Recipes

I’m so excited to share this summer coffee round-up featuring gorgeous vegan coffee recipes! If you love flavorful iced coffee, dairy-free cold brew, or vegan frappuccinos then this round-up is for you.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Girl, you’ve been gone for weeks and you return with a round-up??”. Listen guys, we need to talk.

While House Vegan is my number one passion, I decided to pick up a couple of side hustles. Both have had their own time-intensive learning periods, and I’ve dedicated the majority of June so far to these little money-making endeavors. It hasn’t been for naught though! While they haven’t made us millionaires, I have seen some ROI which is so nice. Sometimes you just need a small professional win, you know?

Because I’ve been hustling, I’ve been extra dedicated to my coffee this summer. While I’m usually all about hot black coffee, warm weather does something to my tastes and I can’t get enough of summer coffee drinks. I adore iced coffee, coconutty coffee, cold brew… you name the summer brew and I probably want it. Check out the gorgeous vegan summer coffee recipes that I’m completely drooling over right now:

And because you can take your girl out of fall, but you can’t take fall out of your girl:

I hope you guys are having a great summer so far! Whip up one of these amazing looking summer coffee treats to make it even better.

As for my side hustles, I know many other homemakers are interested in ways to make money from home so if I find any worthwhile success in what I’m doing then I’ll go into more details on a later date. In the meantime, pass the coffee!

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