Jun 27, 2014

How to Eat a Lychee

How to Eat a Lychee

Learning how to eat a lychee seems like it should be tricky, but it’s really quite simple. Have you ever shied away from trying them for fear of looking ridiculous? Me too.

When my husband and I were in Paris in 2010 lychees were everywhere. We didn’t know what they were, but as an adventurous eater I really wanted to try the spiky pink balls. I couldn’t even imagine how to dive in so, sadly, I walked away from them at every market. Until…

On one of our last days in France we had dinner with my husband’s cousin. He made us a wonderful vegan meal with lentils, halva, Leffe beer, and to our delight, the little pink balls we’d seen all over the markets. Lychees! 

We felt pretty cool after learning how to peel and eat them. It’s such a simple process that I’m going to walk you through the whole thing just as we had done for us. Ready?

1) Find the stem.

2) Use your fingernail to puncture the peel at the stem to start the peeling process.

3) Peel the peel away from the pale white fruit inside.
How to Eat a Lychee

4) Keep peeling until you’ve got the fruit completely out of the peel.

5) There is a big pit inside. With this in mind eat the fruit around the pit. Or just tear the fruit off the pit, and eat. That’ll get messy though! Discard the peel and pit.

Yum! Lychees are super sweet and pretty floral in taste. They make an excellent snack and a really great party food. I love introducing interesting food to friends, and lychees’ exotic nature make them particularly fun. 

Now that you’re a lychee-eating expert be sure to pick some up if you find them in your local market!

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