May 9, 2017

Easy DIY No-Sew Reusable Facial Wipes

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Hi, friends! I hope you’re doing well. I hope your spring has been relaxing, sunny, and full of flowers. Ours has been busy, rainy, and kind of buggy. Experiencing this season for the first time in the condo has brought on a few surprises. For instance, our parking spots happen to be under this big beautiful tree that beautifully sheds…I don’t know…pollen? It only takes 2-3 days after washing for my car to look super dirty again. And entering my car is always a little adventure because the spring weather and the big tree has basically turned the inside of it into Jumanji. 

It’s ok though because by and large it’s been a fun spring. We actually had house guests all weekend which was a blast. Firstly, we loved turning our second bedroom into an adorable office/guestroom. Secondly, house guests are fun! We ate pizza, played games, went to the arcade, drank beer, and attended a Three Amigos party at Alamo Drafthouse. We’re old so we’re exhausted now, but it was all so worth it.

The only thing that hasn’t been fun is my skin’s new fun personality. Since moving to the condo, my skin has decided that it wants to be normal in some places and really dry in others. It’s not fun at any point, but especially not when you have house guests. I’m not one to deny my vanity.

Honestly, I don’t blame my skin for being so finicky right now. Texas weather and allergies play a role I’m sure, but I know my daily doings aren’t helping. As a housewife, my skin at the end of the day features makeup, a little bit of sweat, probably some cat hair, a light coating of flour and dust, and most likely a little bit of olive oil too. Merely washing my face is just not enough to remove everything. For a while, I was using facial wipes before my face wash, but they always kind of dried out my skin, and I felt bad about throwing them away after every use. So I started making my own, and I haven’t looked back. It’s great, you guys.

These Easy DIY No-Sew Reusable Facial Wipes take about ten minutes to make and use easy-to-find ingredients. 

  • I used microfiber towels which are inexpensive and don’t need to be sewn after cutting. They will shed a bit after the first wash in your washing machine, but after that, you’re good to go.
  • The wash is just three ingredients: oil, aloe vera gel, and baby shampoo. It wasn’t easy to find a fancy baby shampoo that was under $1000 dollars so thank goodness for Baby Magic. It’s a normal grocery store buy, and it’s vegan-friendly.

What’s great is that you can customize these facial wipes however you like with different oils and scents. I just used a lightly scented baby shampoo, but you can use essential oils if you know what you’re doing. Because I have cats I’m weird about essential oils, but if you’re not, have at it.

These wipes are really effective in removing daily build-up, and they’re reusable so they’re also cheap and waste-reducing. I just let each cloth dry after I use it, and then I toss it in the dirty clothes. Once washed, I store them all in a little makeup bag (which may or may not be Disney princess themed) until I need to make another batch.

Taking that small amount of time to remove the daily sediment off of your face before washing is a really quick step that can make a big difference in your skin-care routine. It ensures a truly clean face and allows your facewash the opportunity to do its good.

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Easy DIY No-Sew Reusable Facial Wipes
  • 2 12×12 inch microfiber towels
  • 1 24oz mason jar
  • 1 cup baby shampoo
  • 3/4 cup almond oil
  • 1/4 cup aloe vera gel
1. Take the first microfiber towel and cut it in half. Cut those halves in half for 4 equal squares. Cut each square in half for 8 thick strips. Repeat this process with the second microfiber towel.

2. Pour the baby shampoo, oil, and aloe vera gel into the mason jar. Screw the lid on top, and shake the jar to mix things up. 

3. Open the jar, and stuff the cut clothes into the jar with the solution. If the solution doesn’t completely cover the cloth strips, add enough water to cover them. Then screw the lid onto the jar and give it a shake to mix up the liquids.

To Use: Remove a cloth from the jar and squeeze out the excess moisture. Wipe your face thoroughly with the cloth before washing your face. Let the cloth air dry before tossing it into the dirty clothes!

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