Sep 6, 2014

Vegan Drinks for Mi Madre’s Birthday

I’m very lucky to live in Austin, the Paul-McCartney-proclaimed most vegan-friendly city in the U.S. You would think that I go out often to enjoy the many, many, many wonderful vegan offerings this city has to offer, but you’d be wrong. I very rarely do any of those things because I must be nuts. 

Because we rarely take advantage of this great city, we were pretty stoked when my mother decided to celebrate her birthday doing Vegan Drinks at Cheer Up Charlie’s. We met a whole bunch of my family there which made this vegan event extra awesome!

The whole motley crew.

My husband and I arrived before my family so we got down to business early. I grabbed a local beer…

….while our friend got a vegan cheese burger and (free!) fries from Arlo’s.

Speaking of Arlo’s, have you heard of this food truck? It’s amazing! The vegan cheeseburger is *basically* world famous at this point. We live 10 minutes from this place, and we never go. What is wrong with us??

But we didn’t come here for Arlo’s. This is Vegan Drinks, and that’s what we came to do. Cheer Up Charlie’s and Sweet Ritual paired up to make some incredible drink specials. 

They were offering The Vegan Yeti (white russian), The Banana Hammock (pineapple, banana juice, coconut milk, and rum), and Whiskey Root Beer Floats. The floats were the belles of the ball for sure!

The whiskey floats were made with your choice of ice cream from Sweet Ritual. I got a scoop of Snakebite and a scoop of Salted Caramel. It was incredible.

When I went to check out the float set up I ran into another vegan blogger, Jojo from Vegan.in.Brighton. So cool! I met her and her guy, Nick, and they were both really rad. I love running into people I keep up with online. Especially when those people are visiting from an entirely different country.

But I digress. Look at how artfully the Sweet Ritual ladies construct those floats! 

Lets not forget the real reason we went to Vegan Drinks though. We drank awesome drinks while celebrating Mi Madre! My mom is really cool. She’s an ethical (and suuuper passionate) vegan who wears the big V with lots of pride. The amount of lives she’s changed and the amount good she’s done for animals is immeasurable. Even though I’ve been vegan longer, it feels like she’s been vegan forever. I can’t imagine her any other way. 

She’s the coolest! And she has amazing skin. Look at her skin!