Jun 2, 2013

Texas Toast

Even though it’s not vegan and therefor doesn’t matter, I still think you should know that this is not Texas Toast:
That is giant garlic bread.

This is Texas Toast:

There is no garlic, no cheese, no grill marks. It’s buttered (Earth Balanced?) and broiled and that’s it. It doesn’t need anything else. 

You cannot make Texas Toast with homemade or healthy bread. The bread must be thick (1″!), soft, white and fluffy. Like only terrible for you store bought white bread can be. This fact made vegan Texas Toast seem impossible until MollyJade at Lone Star Plate pointed out that ButterKrust bread is vegan.

Though Texas Toast hardly has the need for an actual recipe, I will absolutely give credit where credit is due. I make Texas Toast using MollyJade’s technique and so should you.

Texas Toast
adapted by MollyJade’s recipe at lonestarplate.com
  • Thick bread labeled “Texas Toast” (like the one from ButterKrust)
  • Earth Balance, to taste 
  • salt (optional)
1. Turn on your broiler. Place the bread slices on a baking sheet and put them under the broiler for a few seconds to harden them slightly. Pull the baking sheet out, flip the bread over and repeat.
2. Pull the baking sheet out and spread one side of each toast with a lot of Earth Balance. All the way to the edges! Sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt (if using) and put them back under the broiler. Keep an eye on your toasts! When they get good and golden take them out, flip ’em and repeat with the other side. The browning only takes 20 or so seconds so really watch it!
3. Serve!