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Sep 8, 2013

Sunday Wind Down 1.1

As always, we had such a busy week. 

Last Sunday I threw my Mother a 50th birthday party. I worked day and night for weeks on this party. Everything from wine labels, to wine charms to coffee cups were personalized.

Look at these little chocolate chip cookie shooters! There was a carafe of almond milk next to them for all shooting and dunking needs. Too cute.

I spent the rest of the week cleaning up and catching up at work while my husband went back to school (he teaches!). I always prefer to have him home with me, but going back to work re-introduced us to our Fall schedule. It’s nice to get back in the groove of things.

When Friday hit we went to dinner with my family at Phara’s where we sat outside in the gorgeous outdoor gazebo. It was really hot, but also charming. These are our “hot, but charming” faces. I don’t know how to look into cameras.

On Saturday night we went to the USC game watch. The game watch was amazing as always, but my Trojans are killing me. They may be struggling, but they’re still my team and my spirit lives on. I pulled some over-sized USC t-shirts out of our closet and made myself a scarf for the next game.

Fight On, don’t Cry On! Crafts are the perfect way to keep from crying over football. 

I’ll post the how-to for this type of scarf this week. It took 30 minutes, provided a new accessory, and made room in my closet. Best craft ever!