Nov 23, 2013

November Catch Up

Who leaves their blog unattended for 3 weeks?? Seriously, who does that? Just me?

I’ve been filling every minute of my life with work, Thanksgiving and Christmas prep. This time of the year is so consuming! Allow me to share. 

Food for Lovers

We just launched our Gluten Free Vegan Queso! Ya’ll its good. Really really good.


We’ve been soaring through Organized Christmas. My favorite “win” so far in Christmas prep is our Christmas cards. I am in love with our Christmas cards! 

I don’t know why my nose looks huge in this image. It looks normal in the cards!

I handmade our cards last year, but I am just not the crafty lady I always hoped I’d be. I knew I wanted something printed, but neither of us wanted to pose for pictures. Thankfully I found Printstagr.am. They take your instagram photos and use them to print cards, calendars, posters, etc. The prices are reasonable and the quality of print is fantastic. I am in no way affiliated with the company – I’m just really happy with their service!

We are going to Arizona and I’m freaking out. But I’m also excited. We’re going for a Texas style Thanksgiving to play on our (my) strengths. There will be fluffy biscuits, cream gravy and pecan pie involved. It’s going to be yummy and hopefully well received! 

It’s like 30 degrees outside! I own 1 sweater and maybe two useful scarves. My eyeballs are cold. And I’m not the only one who is cold. This is what a lot of mornings have been like in our home:

This colder weather means that working out is going to require a lot of inertia! Any suggestions for cold weather workout attire??