Oct 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! A Look Back on Halloween 2016

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Happy Halloween, friends! I can’t believe that it’s here already. I’m sad to see it go for another year, but I feel really satisfied with everything we did. This Halloween season has been so full of movie nights, crafting, eating, and pumpkining everything that I actually feel like I did most of what I wanted to do. Yay for eliminating FOMO!

As we get ready to celebrate one of the most fun days ever, take a look back at this year’s Halloween fun with me!

The blog saw a lot of Halloween movie inspired recipes, and coming up with those has been one of my favorite parts of the season. In case you missed it, this season the blog featured:

And while I enjoyed coming up with new recipes, I also revisited some of my oldies as well as some recipes from other blogs:

– For our E.T. movie night we served popcorn w/ Sea Salted Peanut Little Secrets and “Meat” Lovers Pizza Dip (made with seitan sausage and bulgur pepperoni!).

– For our Lost Boys movie night I made Cashew Tofu stir-fry with white rice, and chocolate truffles and blood oranges for dessert. I love this movie so much I even crafted this wine bottle to look like David’s (sorta):

– For my Grandma’s bunco night I made this delicious Pumpkin Roll from The Spoon + Shovel, and it was a hit. I also won $18 that night so you could say that the whole thing was a success!

– For my dear friend’s Halloween birthday party I made Chef Chloe’s Goldfish Crackers, but I cut them into fun Halloween shapes. They were cute, and easy, and so yummy. People always get so excited over homemade crackers, but they’re as easy as making cookies!

– And of course for everyday snacking I’ve made lots and lots of vegan chex mix. It’s a fall must around here!

While food was obviously a big part of the season, I also did a lot of crafting with my dear friend, Crystal. Fist we made these adorable ghosties with cheese cloth and laundry starch. Aren’t they cute?? You can find the how-to here.

Our next craft was an oldie-but-goodie. We made Fall Day Frozen Shower Melts from my book, Fall FoMo No More. These melts are so fun y’all! You place them on the floor of your shower directly under the stream of your hot water. As they start to melt they release the scent of orange, clove, and cedarwood, and it makes your shower smell like a crisp autumn morning.

Next, I had been really wanting a fall wreath, but I didn’t want to spend too much time or money on such a short-term piece of decor. So I took a Saturday morning, got myself to a Dollar Store, and picked up some supplies for a super quick dollar store wreath. This silly little thing took like 20 minutes to make and cost me around $4!

Our last craft was probably my favorite though. We made candles! One day I’m going to do a tutorial on here for making candles. It’s a really easy, fun, and economical craft – especially when you burn as many candles as we do. These are “Harvest Moon” scented which is sort of fruity, herby, and woodsy. They smell lovely!

All in all it’s been a wonderful Halloween season. While today is the last day of Halloween 2016 it’s also the best day because it is the day. If that makes sense. We partied hard on Saturday with our friends, and tonight we’re rejoining them for a chill evening of movies, games, and snacks. We enjoy wild nights every now and then, but these kinds of nights our are favorite.

Peppered throughout the day there will be lots of Monster Mashing, Halloween episode watching, candy eating, and kitty cuddles with our own little monster, Moira. Her first Halloween has been adorably spooky, and we just cannot get enough of her!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!! Get ready because after today the whole world turns into Christmas Town. Don’t worry though, House Vegan isn’t skipping Thanksgiving. Fall is still the greatest season ever, and I’m not going to pass it by for a winter holiday. Nope nope nope.

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