Sep 15, 2013

Sunday Wind Down 1.2

This week was super busy. We started by turning our dining room into an office. I resisted the idea for so long because our home has a very specific look. The last thing I wanted to do was disrupt our groove with a big ole ugly office. The office had to be beautiful or it wasn’t happening. I spent hours combing through Ikea’s website to come up with a plan. We shopped, my husband built, and in the end we love it. It’s spacious, beautiful, and adds to our home’s aesthetic. Plus its nice not sharing our bedroom with work!

Now I can eat breakfast on my desk:

And pet my cat as I work:

Other than enjoying our new office, we really just relaxed into our routine.

I listened to this on repeat:

And my husband bought me the most recent VegNews! 

I think it was a hint for me to make him more French food. Can do!

While we’re already enjoying Fall foods, we’re going enjoy these last few days of Summer (even though it will be hot here for another two months). We’re prepping for one more Summer BBQ at the end of the week, and after that we’ll be ready to Actually Officially welcome Fall. Can’t wait!