Working from my Tiny Home keeps me busy as I juggle work, housework and cooking. It can be easy to confuse myself. This is an ever growing list of some of the tricks and tools I use to keep myself as organized as possible.

  • Keep Clean
  • Grocery and Menu Organization
  • Laundry Magic: Water and Borax

    Keep Clean.
    I can’t work or relax if my home is dirty or unorganized. When my home is clean, I make more money. When my home is clean, I worry less. When my home is clean, food tastes better. Cleaning is therapeutic and an act of love. It establishes safety and comfort and stability. It ignites creativity. It inspires. It’s not an obligation, it’s a gift. It’s something you can do right now that will instantly make your life that much better. It’s nice to have that power.

    This is a habit I had to form myself. From will, honesty and opened eyes. And a book. A very important book:

    This is not a puff piece for the Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. The products are never mentioned. It is a guide to cleaning, reusing and preserving everything in your home with simple tools and ingredients. There are family stories interspersed that are incredibly relatable and show cleaning as the wonderfully homey act that is it. This is a book for those who Waste Not, Want Not. And you can get it for $4 dollars on Amazon. 

    Grocery and Menu Organization.

    This is my system. It is the only way I’ve found to maintain food order in our Tiny Home. First, we keep a menu and notepad on the fridge. The menu is a reminder and the notepad is to write down items as we run out. Second, we grocery shop twice a week. This allows us to use the freshest ingredients possible and have more freedom in what we eat while still maintaining order. The day before we shop I:
    • Check our calendar to see if we’re eating any meals elsewhere. 
    • Take inventory of what we have and base the menu off of that. It is rare that we ever buy all new ingredients for a meal. Unless it’s a Very Special Meal.
    • Take a second inventory of our pantry, fridge and freezer double checking for recipe ingredients. Our place is so tiny that buying even the smallest of unnecessary ingredients can cramp our style. 
    • Consult the fridge notepad 
    • Write out our grocery list. 
    This whole process can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour depending on recipe research. 

    After we grocery shop and everything is put away, I write out our menu on the menu board. It’s a plain white dry erase board that we got for free when we moved in. Waste Not, Want Not. The menu board includes:

    • Our meals organized by day and mealtime. Example:
    • Monday: L – Chickpea Salad Sandwiches D- Arugula and Sage Pizza
    • Tuesday: L- Leftover Pizza D – Out to dinner
    • Snacks
    • Breakfast options 
    • Basics I need to make. Example: 
    • Bread
    • Vegetable puree
    • Snack mix
    • Apple sauce
    After everything is on the menu board, I’m done. Having it written out like this keeps me honest and and organized. I don’t have to worry about remembering the food choices I made days before. It also keeps my husband and me from hungrily staring at the pantry for twenty minutes wondering who stole our food.

    Laundry Magic: Water and Borax.

    I once answered my door to be greeted by my sister in a beautiful white sheer top Just Covered in 16 ounces of Mocha. Poor thing was still holding the empty cup. I brought her in, threw her a clean shirt and went to work on the mocha stain. I filled the bathroom sink with warm water, tossed in some borax and soaked the shirt. 30 minutes later I removed the shirt and rinsed. No sign of mocha! It was completely white again.

    This is just one of many water and borax stories. I’ve never met a stain that I couldn’t remove with borax. Not red wine. Not chocolate. Not coffee. Not chocolate and coffee together. 

    Borax has other laundry uses (like softening fabric!), but it’s stain removing magic is the most impressive.

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