Sep 17, 2014

Natural Vitality’s Calm + Wendy Davis Is Awesome

Look. I am so tired. And I know this is around the time that people go crazy and abandon their MoFos, but I refuse. Even though I’m six hours from home in Lubbock, TX.

Lubbock is a weird city, which is something I’ll talk about later, but until then lets talk about what’s getting me through these late evenings in West Texas. It’s all about Natural Vitality’s Calm.

Have you ever tried Calm? It’s incredible. It’s a magnesium supplement that chills you out like nothing else. This is coming from a high strung, persnickety lady. This stuff calms you.

When I was packing for my trip to West Texas I was very careful not to forget my Calm. When you’re prepping to meet a Senator or Governor, excitement can take a toll on sleep. I may or may not have (slash TOTALLY DID) meet a Senator today.

But the point here is Calm, right? Or is the point that I’m MoFo delirious? Well either way, I love this stuff. It helps my anxiety and makes me sleep better.

Anyway, I met a Senator today. I photobombed this picture of Wendy Davis with my husband, and it was awesome. She basically thinks I’m hilarious.

The handsome guy? My husband. The photobombing troll? Me. The smokin’ blonde? Hopefully the next governor of Texas. She’s awesome. Also look at her inadvertent tiny cowboy hat.

I promise my next post will be awesome. MoFo is hard.