Sep 27, 2014

An Easy Evening at Whole Foods

Today was a busy day. My husband worked all day, and I had lots of stuff to do around the home. This afternoon we also had an appointment before attending our weekly USC football game watch. Busy busy! I didn’t have time to make us a proper dinner so we opted to have a nice little meal at Whole Foods Domain.

I opted for a delicious salad since their salad bar is out of control amazing. They have a great area of mason jars filled with salad toppings like croutons, seeds, nuts and vegan bacon bits!

I included a samosa to round things out, and because they are just the best samosas in town. I wish that wasn’t the case. I really wish I knew of some tiny hidden Indian restaurants with samosas to die for, but I just don’t. Meanwhile, I am in love with these! 

To make sure things weren’t too healthy we picked up a brownie to share. It was really good! I was suspicious when I saw applesauce in the ingredients, but it was really really good. Suuuuper fudgy!

Look at how happy we are with our Whole Foods visit! We rarely shop there, but it’s nice to go back every now and then. 

Mind the blurriness!