Thursday, July 8, 2010

snack bar

Last night I was feeling a bit dejected and cabin feverish. M agreed that getting out of the house would be boss so we got in our car and headed down to Snack Bar on South Congress.

We’ve heard mixed reviews, but having had a pretty decent experience there about a week ago we decided to try it out for dinner.

First things first, drinks. I got a Shandy which is lemonade and beer mixed together. The beer I chose was Pearl Light. I had never had it, but I liked the name and the calorie content. Someone later in the evening told me it was the Texas 70’s version of PBR. So there you have it. It was good. The Shandy I mean. The beer by itself was…beer. M tried to order two different wines, but they were out of both of them. Same thing happened last time we were there. I don’t know whats going on with that, but it’s pretty lame.

The Shandy

Ordering food there is so easy for vegans. They have a lot of vegan options (including dessert!) and handy little hearts next to said options on the menu. Easy identification! I ordered the Seitan Satay and Dilled Brussels. The seitan was excellent. I was really impressed. It was caramelized on the outside and juicy on the inside. The peanut sauce was great and the noodles and mixed greens were perfect accompaniments.

Seitan Satay

The brussels were pretty good. A small side gets you a lot so kudos to them for not being stingy. Dill and brussels sprouts may not be my favorite flavor combo, but I get where they were going. They could have done with a better sauté, but they were decent.

Dilled Brussels

I wanted dessert but was way too full. They sell NadaMoo ice cream which I would have devoured if I had room!

All in all, I’m a fan! As a vegan, I appreciate the unique options Snack Bar has to offer. I wouldn’t go there expecting the fastest service or top notch experience, but for a low key meal, I like it. Next time I go, it’s gonna be for brunch. I’m curious about their vegan waffles.

Snack Bar
1224 S. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ate. graduated. ate more. moved. still eating.

9 months is a long time to refrain from blogging. Life has changed really intensely way in that time.

I graduated. I hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house. I went to Paris with my husband. I visited, was visited and explored while biding my time till The Move. The Move finally came and went and now we have relocated to my previous home of Austin, Texas.

Beer – Tacos – Alamo Draft House – Zilker – Family – Momoko – Mopac – Spider House – Central Market – Epoch.

That is what my life has looked like since being here.

I’m unemployed, trying not to be fat and want to enjoy the foods (new and old) that Austin has to offer. We’ll see what happens!